The Ai Insurance Organization Inc. is a leading, and award-winning full-service Canadian surety brokerage. We work with many of the top companies and offer our clients choice and certainty. You can click here to book a meeting with one of our expert professionals, or you can click below to be taken to our product-specific pages. Click here to view our Insurance page.

Contract Surety

We are the leading Canadian Surety Bonding insurance brokerage. Bond Surety is your home for Performance Bonds, Bid Bonds, Construction Bonds, Labour Material Bonds and more.

Commercial Bonding

We are the leading Canadian provider of Estate Bonds. Get Bonded is your home for Custom Bonds, Excise Bonds, Fidelity BondsAdministration Bonds, Carnet Bonds, Lost Document Bonds and more.

Estate Bonds

We offer specialized, full-service Fiduciary Surety Bonding support for Law Offices and their clients. We are your home for Court Bonds, Fidelity Bonds, Commercial Bonds, Contract Bonds and Specialty Bonds.

Deposit Bonds

Deposit Bonds is the all-new guaranteed alternative to the cash deposit/certified cheque in Canada. It is issued instantly online and delivered to you and your licensed realtor. Use a Deposit Rocket for a quicker and easier home purchase.

Developer Surety

Ai provides Developer Surety Bonds such as Tarion warranty corporation bonds to new homes and condominium builders that satisfy Tarion’s security requirements. The bond provides protection from any deposit losses.


Customs Bonds

We offer  Custom and Excise Bonds. Customs bond guarantees that an importer or exporter will pay customs duties and taxes on products being sent between a foreign country and Canada complying with the Customs and Transportation Act.