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Sprinkler and Fire Contractor Insurance

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Ai Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installers will assist installers in the general liability exposures arising from the installation and servicing operations at a client’s premises.

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Sprinkler And Fire Protection Installers

Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installers design, fabricate, install, repair, operate, test and inspect sprinkler and fire protection systems. There are different types of Sprinkler and Fire Protection systems the installers will install including:

Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installers will experience a significant General Liability exposure arising out of the installation and servicing operations at a client’s premises. The different types of sprinkler and fire protection systems will present different liability exposures.

Liability exposures can arise from the sale of sprinkler and fire suppression systems and their components. Installers will also face a Completed Operation exposure arising from any improper installation of the fire suppression system.

In the event of a fire, if leaking or failure to operate occur, installers will be held liable. In addition, if property damage or bodily injury occurs during the fire or the installation of materials, it can pose a liability exposure.

Thus, installers need to protect themselves and their business from liability exposures related to sprinkler and fire installation and maintenance services.

Insurance For Sprinkler

And Fire Protection Installer

Ai experts can help you to build custom insurance policies to assure you are fully protected. We can arrange competitive insurance for all aspects of your Sprinkler and Fire Protection.

So whether you run a team of equipment operators or you are self-employed, we can find you the appropriate coverage.

Contact an Ai Sprinkler and Fire Protection Contractor’s Insurance Specialist to find the best possible coverage for you!

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