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Real Estate Insurance Program

We are one of four insurance brokerages in all of Canada that offer this exclusive insurance program for real estate professionals.

Now you can buy our exclusive insurance directly online, from anywhere in Canada, in just a few minutes.

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Insurance for real estate professionals

If you happen to be a real estate agent or broker, some form of professional liability coverage is absolutely essential. As a broker of properties that will generally be worth at least six figures – and sometimes significantly more – you are exposed to substantial risk from numerous sources. You need to have coverage for crisis events, property damage, bodily injury, and information security.

The nature of real estate makes it a particularly risky business to be in for those who attempt to forego coverage. For the vast majority of individuals, their home will be the most valuable asset they own or have equity in. Because of this, it’s something they are willing to fight for, even if it involves a lengthy and stressful legal battle. Whether misfortune happens due to negligence or simply bad luck, the financial costs are substantial if you’re not prepared.

Commercial General Liability Insurance and E&O

Commercial General Liability coverage responds to potential claims incurred by any business person who is not a real estate professional such as property managers, contractors, appraisers, home inspectors, and more.

CGL coverage starts at $500 for $1 Million in coverage, or $600 for $2 Million in coverage. With many coverages already included, like Products and Completed Operations, Bodily Injury and Property Damage, Medical Expenses, Tenants Legal Liability and so much more, CGL should be considered if you are an independent real estate broker with direct client contact (you run open houses and perform showings) who is contracted with a brokerage that has not specifically provided CGL coverage for you.

In addition to CGL, Real Estate brokers and salespersons who have an office outside their home may want to include coverage to protect their office equipment and furniture from fire, theft, water damage, or equipment breakdown. This coverage would be excess of coverage under your homeowners’ policy.

Crime coverage is also optional coverage and protects you from theft inside or outside your premises, forgery, and social engineering. This coverage is especially valuable for those who have employees and/or other salespersons working within their team.

When a General Liability Insurance Policy would respond for Real Estate Agents:

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