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Let's embrace this journey, together.


We offer an array of personal insurance products; you may explore each offering below or reach out to us directly today and solidify a future nourished by protection, tranquility, and benevolence. 

Because at Ai Insurance Organization, we don’t just dispense personal insurance; we personify it.

Automotive Insurance

Get an automotive insurance quote with Liability Coverage, Direct Compensation, Uninsured Automobile Coverage, and Accident Benefit Coverage by filling in just a few questions. Click here to get car insurance and get certain with Ai Insurance Organization.

Homeowners Insurance

You can get a competitive homeowners, property insurance quote. Protect yourself with Personal Property, Personal Liability Coverage and Additional Living Expenses if you have to live somewhere other than your house. Get a quote from our homeowners insurance partners and get certain.

Tenant Insurance

If you rent, you can get a competitive tenant or renters insurance quote online from our top renters insurance partners, Renters get coverage for all your Personal Property, plus Additional Living Expenses and Personal Liability Coverage all just a click away from Ai Insurance Organization.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is never one size fits all. We offer whole, term, universal, guaranteed issues, final expense and other life insurance products for new families, young professionals, senior citizens alike. 

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides essential financial protection and peace of mind for travelers, safeguarding them against unexpected expenses arising from medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and more.

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Leisure Insurance

Whether you are a boater, camper, or a weekend warrior who enjoys taking your motorcycle, Seadoos, ATVs, motorcycles, sailboats and other recreational vehicles for a spin, you can get certain with our leisure insurance coverage!

Let’s Get Personal

We all know that life is intricate and often filled with unexpected twists and turns. Protection is not merely a word; it’s a fundamental layer of security that embraces you and your loved ones. This protection is woven into a safety net known as personal insurance. Ai Insurance Organization is devoted to weaving this net for our clients through our comprehensive range of personal insurance products including homeowners insurance, automotive insurance and insurance for motorcycles, cottages, condominiums and more.

Understanding personal insurance is like reading a family’s story; it demands compassion, precision, and a profound understanding of individual needs. At Ai Insurance Organization, we have honed the art of personal insurance, and we’re here to accompany you through every chapter of your life’s journey.

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What is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance is a pledge, a promise that you and your family’s financial well-being are guarded against the unknown. It’s more than a policy; it’s our heartfelt commitment to your peace of mind, ensuring that life’s surprises never become burdens. Personal insurance is not just about monetary safety; it’s a testament to care, security, and foresight.

Whether safeguarding your home, assets, health, automobile, or life itself, personal insurance is your steadfast ally and we are your team of personal insurance experts. We believe that a sound personal insurance plan is like a loving embrace; it provides warmth and comfort when you need it most.

Personal Insurance

Why Partner with Ai Insurance Organization?

With years of crafting personalized insurance solutions for clients all over Canada, Ai Insurance Organization is proud to extend our expertise and empathy tailored to your unique life situation. We believe in weaving insurance products that resonate with your dreams and aspirations. Our committed team of insurance brokers designs policies that mirror your individual necessities, and our vast network ensures that support is always within reach at a price you can afford.

Your peace of mind is our most cherished principle. With Ai Insurance Organization, you’re not merely purchasing a policy; you’re joining a family devoted to your well-being.

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