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Ai Insurance Organization

Accounts Receivable Insurance Experts

Accounts Receivable Insurance is also known as Trade Credit Insurance that provides protection on the accounts receivable of the company.

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Trade Credit Insurance

As your Trade Credit Expert, we will obtain the insurance you need at a price that you can afford in a timely manner. We are dedicated to the highest standards of service, leading to long-term and long-lasting business relationships, as well as mutual growth and success.

We service new business start-ups as well as established companies. The clients we serve are diverse and range from contractors and construction companies of all kinds to transportation companies, financial institutions as well as unique businesses with hard-to-place Credit Insurance needs.

Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit insurance is also commonly known as Accounts Receivables insurance. Trade credit insurance provides protection on the accounts receivable of the company and thereby guarding them against a customer default due to any reasons. It is the best way to protect the company’s profit margin.

Contract Frustration Insurance

Contract Frustration Insurance is also commonly known as Public Buyer Default. If you want to ensure that everything goes effortlessly when you enter into an international contract, then you should consider Contract Frustration Insurance. It indemnifies eligible losses up to 90%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, monthly, quarterly or annual reports of sales are required depending on your business activities.

If your customer has filed insolvency, you can file a claim immediately. Claims can be filed 60 days after  the customer’s due date but no later than 120 days.

Any change in the debt balance after claim submission is required to be reported directly to us at 1-877-213-4545.

It is very important for the loss amount to be established clearly for your shipment to be eligible for coverage under the Policy. If your customer disputes the amount owed to you at the time of the claim, any claims under your policy will not be paid.

In case of your customer disagreeing with the debt, attempt to resolve the dispute and call us for assistance.

By using credit insurance, you can sell your goods or services on much more open terms. This will make your sales easier. Unlike a letter of credit, credit insurance does not use up your working capital.

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