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Pollution Liability Insurance

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Contractors with Pollution Liability Insurance can protect themselves and their business from potential liability exposure caused by a pollution event.

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What is pollution liability insurance?

Pollution liability insurance is used to protect a contractor and their business from liability exposures that occur due to pollution. Pollution is when contaminated material is released and is harmful to its environment.

Pollution Liability is not covered in Commercial General Liability insurance policies. Contractors who do not carry Pollution Liability coverage will be liable to pay out of pocket to rectify an environmental incident.

Contractors who need pollution liability insurance are those that handle hazardous materials on a daily basis. However, it is ideal for contractors who do not handle these materials to also have pollution liability as it can protect them from unexpected accidents. For instance, a site that a contractor is working on may have some residual material that can be hazardous to the environment.

Some common pollutants that may cause potential liability include:

Pollution Liability Coverage

The Ai Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance Program protects your business from the Pollution Liability costs associated with an Environmental accident arising from the actions of your business or subcontractors performing work on behalf of your business.

This program coverage provides protection from:

Do You Need Contractors Insurance?

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