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D&O Liability involves legal action against corporate management that can put personal or company assets at risk.

Protect your Directors & Officers, their personal assets & defend them in court!

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What Is Directors And Officers Insurance?

D&O Insurance provides financial protection to Directors, officers, shareholders, managers, employees etc. in the event of legal action for unethical acts alleged, or otherwise.

Many people depend on the leadership of an organization for their financial well-being and future security. Directors and Officers (D&O) are obligated to give their best “good faith” effort to all that do for the organization and any stakeholders. By taking a position of leadership, they acknowledge that they will act in the best interest of the organization. This means that they will make every reasonable effort to work toward the success of the business even above their own interests. They are also obligated to know, understand, and follow all of the organization’s bylaws and any applicable regulations.

Unfortunately, we all make mistakes. When a Director or Officer makes a mistake, it can have a huge negative impact on many people. They can be held liable for any actions that violate their core obligations. D&O Insurance, also known as Professional Liability Insurance covers this unique type of organizational liability. D&O coverage puts a layer of protection in place when leadership inadvertently fails to meet their obligations.

Is D&O Coverage Necessary?

Directors or Officers, are you operating in a public or private company? Have employees? Shareholders? Plan on selling or merging? Then you face risk of breach of duty and is imperative that you purchase this coverage.

When organizational leadership fails to meet specific obligations, ignorance is not a legitimate reason. Directors and Officers can be held liable regardless of their level of knowledge. In addition to proper information transfer and onboarding, proper liability coverage is essential.

Liability can persist through resignation or indemnity. Therefore, it may not be enough for the liable party to simply remove their affiliation with the organization.



D&O Insurance will protect against losses and claims caused by employees, competitors, private shareholders, creditors, regulators/government, or customers/suppliers. Entity coverage protects the corporation, directors and officers, and other assets from financial loss.

Employment Liability Practice (EPL)

Aside from large corporations, many small organizations also face exposure due to minimal in-house guidance, insufficient training, limited human resources, and documentation. As a director or officer, you can face serious legal action putting your company assets at risk.


Fiduciary coverage provides protection against legal cases involving the mishandling or abuse of financial assets. D&O Insurance provides peace of mind knowing that inadvertent mistakes will not detract from the overall vision and purpose of the organization.

What Are The Benefits Of D&O Insurance

Proper insurance can provide coverage for the defencecost derived from breaches of obligation. In addition,
it will cover judgements and fines for situations where liability is confirmed. D&O insurance provides peace of mind knowing that an inadvertent mistake will not detract from the overall vision and purpose of the organization.

Professional liability insurance can rescue a career that would otherwise be damaged beyond repair. It can also protect the core values and mission of an organization.

Bottom Line: Is it worth it?

Most people do not think about insurance until it is too late. Director and Officer Insurance is a necessity in today’s litigious climate. In a perfect world, you will never need to use it. However, in the real world, it can mean the difference between organizational success and failure.

It is highly recommended that any organization invest in a quality D&O insurance plan. The safety that it provides can enable any organization to focus on the things that really matter to your core mission.

Buy Directors and Officers Insurance online and we’ll follow up with you to ensure you are sufficiently covered. If you still have questions, you can book a meeting with one of our Directors and Officers Insurance experts to walk you through the process.

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