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Ai Insurance Organization

About Us

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Core Values

The things we actively believe about people, business and life are captured below, and these
principles and guidelines help influence our decision making on a daily basis
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Our Mission

To be the top Canadian insurance brokerage recognized for its dedication to its staff, its clients and utilizing cutting-edge innovation to create superior value for its clients.

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Our Vision

To be the bonding and insurance provider of choice for the markets we serve, and being the employer of choice for the highest caliber staff, dedicated to serving them.

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Our Core

We believe fundamentally that by delighting our clients time and time again, we attract the best and brightest to our firm, leading to a life worth living and a career worth having.

Our Core Values

Ethics, first an foremost

Platinum Rule: Treat others as they want to be treated

Constant and never-ending Innovation

To give back to the community often and in meaningful ways

Family first

Providing the best possible protection solutions for our customers to earn their business and trust for life


It Starts With You

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest possible standards of service the insurance has to offer. We adapt to your evolving needs better than our competition and are here for you when you need us.

Answer all your questions about anything you might not understand

Have a genuine down-to-earth conversation with you to about how we can help

Keep you informed with advance notice of your policy renewal date

Listen and respond to any and all feedback, including how we can improve our service

Recommend solutions that make sense for your situation

Maintain our relationship with you before, during and after you’ve purchased a policy

Make sure you receive all your documents promptly

Provide you with clear and easy-to-understand information about the products and services that we and our partners offer



We believe that the purpose of our business is to create superior value for our clients. This value is demonstrated by our commitment to service, our industry expertise and having a long-term vision of the future.



Our long-term vision of the future helps us embrace the ever-changing world. We commit ourselves to lifelong learning, to balance self-confidence with humility and to embrace the diversity of our teammates.

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About Us

Point of Culture

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Together, we dedicate and give 100% to ensure our collective success. We are unwaveringly committed to the Vision, Mission, and Culture of our company. We respect and support each other and the enduring success of our trusted clients at all times.

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Together, we take full responsibility for our actions and their results. We own every outcome in our professional and personal lives. We are accountable for our results, recognizing that for any transformation to occur, we must first evolve collectively.

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Together, we uphold the truth and ensure transparency in all our dealings, grounded in the ethics and morals that define our organization. We make promises to ourselves and to each other that we are wholeheartedly committed to fulfilling with integrity and honesty. 

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For us, “good enough” is never good enough. Together, we consistently deliver products and services of unparalleled quality, ensuring long-term value for everyone involved. As a team, we embark on a continuous journey of growth, improvement, and innovation, never settling for the status quo.

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Together, we communicate with purpose, choosing empowering, supportive and positive dialogue. We recognize and prioritize the essence of human connection, even as we embrace advancing technology. We commit to being present in all interactions, whether virtually or in-person, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued.

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Together, we channel our collective thoughts, energy, and focus towards the successful realization of our goals. We radiate inner pride, shared prosperity, competence, and unwavering confidence. We are a beacon of success.

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Together, we prioritize continuous learning and growth, ensuring that our collective progress benefits each member of our team. We learn from our shared experiences and learn to overcome mistakes quickly. We educate and empower each other, fostering an environment where informed decisions are made. Collectively, we share practical and actionable knowledge.

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Together, we thrive on collaboration and unity. We emphasize cooperation and always strive for a common resolution. As a cohesive team, we embrace adaptability and change. We seek assistance when necessary and offer compassion and support to teammates in need. As one, we commit to punctuality and presence in all our team interactions and meetings.

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Together, we maintain a harmonious balance in all facets of our lives. We recognize that our spiritual, social, physical, and familial dimensions are equally crucial as our financial and intellectual pursuits. We cultivate an environment filled with joy, fun, and happiness.

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Together, we turn to systematic solutions when challenges emerge. Before considering individual adjustments, we seek system enhancements and collaborate to design new structures when none exist. We believe in the strength and efficiency of collective processes.

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Together, we uphold consistency in our actions, ensuring our clients, stakeholders, and fellow team members can always trust and rely on our collective approach. We exercise discipline in our endeavors, ensuring that our outcomes, growth, and successes are predictably steadfast.

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Together, we cultivate an environment of gratitude. We frequently express our thanks and show appreciation in diverse ways. We celebrate our collective achievements as well as individual victories. We take pride in recognizing and applauding the right actions and positive endeavors of our peers.

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