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Wind Contractor Insurance

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Ai Wind Contractors Insurance offers specialized coverage for Wind contractors, as they face numerous general liability risks during their operations.

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Wind Contractors

Wind Contractors plan, install, maintain and repair windmill posts, windmill turbines and supporting equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Utilizing schematics and environmental assessments Wind Contractors perform their services in remote and urban locations.

Wind systems consist of electrical and mechanical systems. Kinetic energy is used to drive turbines which create electricity. The electricity is then harnessed and entered into the power grid.

Liability Exposure

Wind Contractors will experience a significant General Liability exposure as there is an increased opportunity for damage or injury arising out of the product installation and build, improper electrical wiring or improper electrical ground testing.

There is a significant General Liability exposure during the operation, storage and movement of the large pre-assembled windmill components.

Wind contractors should have the appropriate coverage in case of incidents that may occur on the job or after it has been completed.

Insurance For Wind Contractors

Ai experts can help you to build custom Wind Contractor Insurance policies to assure you are fully protected. We can arrange competitive insurance for all aspects of your Wind Contractor company.

Ai insurance will protect Wind Contractors from liabilities such as the following:

With Ai, Wind contractors can focus solely on running their business and operations. With our experience and expertise, we are confident in our ability to serve you.

Contact an Ai Wind Contractor’s Insurance Specialist to find the best possible coverage for you!

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