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Commercial Insurance

The Ai Insurance Organization Inc. is a leading, and award-winning full-service Canadian commercial insurance brokerage. We work with many of the top companies and offer our clients choice and certainty.

Commercial Insurance for your industry

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Errors & Omissions

We are the leading provider of Errors & Omissions insurance, also known as Professional Liability. We also offer malpractice, cyber liability, information technology, general liability insurance and more.

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Directors & Officers

Our programs protect Directors, Officers, Shareholders, Managers and employees, and their personal assets in the event of legal action for unethical acts, alleged, or otherwise.

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Contractors Insurance

Insurance programs for General and Sub-Contractors, and other Construction Professionals. Get Contractors Insurance is your home for Fleet Insurance, General Liability, Pollution Liability, Bonding and more.

Builders Risk

Insurance for the Construction Exposures Homeowners and Contractors may face. Get Builders Risk is your home for Course of Construction, Premise Liability Coverage, Wrap Up Liability and more.

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Cyber Insurance

We protect organizations of all sizes, and especially small-to-medium sized businesses from Cyber Risks and Vulnerabilities like Data Breaches, Cyber Extortion, Cyber Attacks and Cyber Liability.

Architects & Engineers

Insurance programs to protect Architects and Engineers from financial damages due to negligent acts and other errors with Professional Liability, Retroactive Coverage, Loss of Documents and more.

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Roofing Insurance

We insure Four-Ply Hot Asphalt, Two-Ply Modified Bitumen Torch Down, Single-Ply including TPO, EPDM and PVC, Ballasted, Shingles and Metal and more Roofing projects for Liability, Equipment and Property.

Legal Expense Insurance

LegalShield is a monthly Legal Protection Plan that ensures you get the Legal Help you need including Legal Advice, Representation, Document Review and Drafting Documents without paying huge legal bills.

Bike Shop Insurance

Our insurance for bike shops focuses on the unique business exposures you face including commercial property insurance, general liability, customer’s property, event staging, and more.

Trade Credit Insurance

We specialize in Trade Credit Insurance policies like bankruptcy protection, insurance against non-payment, letter of guarantee insurance and many more for Canadian business.

Hospitality Insurance

We offer event and hospitality insurance for banquet halls, event planners, and everyone in between. We also offer coverages for liquor liability, event cancellation, property damage, and so much more.

Group Insurance

Discounted group insurance rates are now available to select organizations across Canada. Employees can save on home, car, condominium, cottage, motorcycle and tenant insurance. Check out our group insurance page.

In the bustling and ever-changing world of business, safeguarding is not merely a process; it’s a vital shield that protects the dreams, endeavors, and success of your businesses. This shield is formed through a robust and strategic system known as commercial insurance.

Ai Insurance Organization stands at the forefront of forging this shield for our clients through our comprehensive range of commercial insurance products, including general liability, property insurance, errors and omissions, insurance for contractors, and more.

Understanding commercial insurance calls for real-world expertise, precision, and an in-depth insight into organizational intricacies. Our team has mastered the art of commercial insurance and we’re here to guide you through every stage of your company’s growth journey and answer any questions you may have, such as:

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is an assurance that your business’s financial stability is secured against the unforeseeable. It’s more than a contract; it’s our genuine pledge to the continuity and growth of your small, medium or large enterprise, ensuring that business challenges never become insurmountable hurdles.

Commercial insurance is not just about financial defense; it shields your physical assets, legal liabilities, employees, or overall operations. Commercial insurance is your dependable companion and we are your team of commercial insurance specialists.

You can click here to book a meeting with one of our commercial insurance expert professionals, or you can click below to be taken to our product-specific pages. Click here visit our Surety and Bonding page.

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Why Partner with Ai Insurance Organization?

With our rich history of building personalized commercial insurance solutions for businesses across Canada, Ai Insurance Organization takes pride in offering unmatched expertise tailored to your specific business environment, and aligned with your vision, goals, and risk profile. Our dedicated team of insurance brokers ensures that quality support is always accessible at competitive rates.

We truly believe that your confidence in us is our most esteemed value. With Ai Insurance Organization, you’re not simply obtaining a policy; you’re enlisting a partner dedicated to your business’s prosperity.

Let’s embark on this voyage, together.

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