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Welding Contractor Insurance

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Ai Welders Insurance offers specialized coverage for Welding contractors, as they face numerous general liability risks every day.

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Welding Contractors

Welding Contractors design, cut, weld, braze and fabricate many types of metals through the application of heat. Welding and brazing are done either manually or mechanically.

Welding Contractors work in many different industrial classes for residential, commercial and industrial customers in the public and private sectors. Welders create equipment for construction (bulldozers, cranes, and other equipment), printing, textiles, and other industries. Welder’s are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment.

Liability Exposure

Welding Contractors will experience a significant general liability exposure as there is an increased opportunity for fire and smoke damage during the welding process and the application of heat. There is a moderate general liability exposure during the storage and movement of welding equipment. The equipment and the type of product created are usually highly specialized.

Each welding service can pose different liability risks, as the location and type of work to be completed vary per client.

No matter the number of safety precautions taken or training given, there is a chance of an accident occurring. That accident can lead to expensive liability claims.

Welders need to protect their business, employees, and clients from these claims through Welding Insurance.

Insurance For Welding Contractors

Ai experts can help you to build custom Welding Contractor Insurance policies to assure you are fully protected. We can arrange competitive insurance for all aspects of your Welder Contractor company.

Ai provides coverage for:

So whether you run a team of welders or you are self-employed, we can find you the appropriate coverage.

Contact an Ai Welding Contractor’s Insurance Specialist to find the best possible coverage for you!

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