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Landscaping Contractors Insurance

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Landscape Contractors can experience a significant General Liability exposure arising out of the construction and continuous maintenance of a client’s premises.

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Landscape Contractors

Landscape Contractors create, build, and maintain customized landscapes for residential and commercial customers. They utilize a combination of softscape landscaping (grass, flowers, shrubbery, trees, and other naturally occurring elements) and hardscape landscaping (stones, rocks, patios, and driveways).

A Landscape Contractor can beautify, modernize, and increase the utilization of an area. Landscape Contractors also perform lawn care, irrigation installation, and weed control

Landscape Contractor’s Liability Exposures

Landscape Contractors are at risk of liability exposures at their worksite when they start, are in the building process and when they complete a project. The worksite can have increased exposure due to the operation of landscaping machinery during construction and maintenance. Issues such as incorrect backfilling, utility installation techniques and other activities may cause soil erosion causing slope deterioration and building foundation issues.

Other liability exposures include:

Although it may seem like you have taken appropriate precautions to protect yourself, employees, and clients from liability exposures, unforeseen circumstances may occur.

For example, while digging an employee may damage the utility system underground, or equipment can malfunction and cause serious property damage.

With the introduction of the Ai Landscape Insurance Program, contractors will have no difficulty dealing with liability exposure claims.

Insurance For Landscape Contractors

Ai experts can help you to build a custom Landscaping Contractors Insurance policy to assure you are fully protected. We can arrange competitive insurance for all aspects of landscaping.

Whether you run a team of landscaping crews or you are self-employed, we can find you the appropriate coverage. With Ai, your business and employees will be protected from potential liability exposures.

Contact an Ai Landscape Contractor’s Insurance Specialist to find the best possible coverage for you!

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