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Executor Bond

Assures the Executor of an estate correctly allocates the assets with whom they have been assigned fiduciary duty.

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What is a Executor Bond?

Executor Bonds are mandated by the court in order to provide assurance that the Executor of an estate correctly allocates the assets for an incapacitated or deceased person with whom they have been assigned fiduciary duty.

If the Executor resides outside of the province or country from the location of the estate then a Foreign Executor Bond is required.

In other words, Executor Bonds are directed by the court in order to guarantee the honest accounting and faithful performance of duties by a fiduciary or trustee. Executor Bonds provide assurance that the executor of an estate appropriately handles, and distributes, the assets of the disabled or deceased person whom they are duty-bound to act on behalf of.

How Does an Executor Bond Work?

The Executor Bond is placed to ensure that the Executor will fulfill their duties in accordance with the law.

The Executor Bond helps protect the beneficiaries against any probable misrepresentation, fraud, theft, negligence, or errors performed by the Executor of the estate.

The beneficiaries of the estate can call upon the Executor Bond and make a claim against the Executor in the event that the Executor fails to fulfill their duties. If the claim is valid, then the beneficiaries will be financially compensated by the Surety who issued the bond. Once the Surety pays the beneficiaries, it will go to the Executor for reimbursement.

Then the Executor is required to reimburse the Surety if they do not fulfill their duties as an Executor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Executor ensures that the deceased or disabled person’s assets are distributed appropriately.

The Executor Bond protects the stakeholders in the event that the Executor does not act ethically.

The price of an Executor Bond varies accordingly to the estimated value of the estate, bond coverage, and financial health of the Executor.

We will help you find the best rate possible.

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