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There is always a chance of exposure to political risk while doing business in a developing country. Irrespective of your type of business, political risk insurance maintains reduced exposure to political risk which is a key to a successful global business today.

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Types of Political Risk Covered

Political risk insurance is designed to protect your business against financial loss due to political risk. The different types of political risks are listed below:

Industries that need Trade Credit insurance

Why Do You Need Political Risk Insurance?

Eligibility Criteria

For Assets

Assets must be physical like inventory or machinery and complete ownership of the assets must be possessed.

For Equity

Equity must be invested in the sales office, warehouse or a plant in the emerging market and controlling interest must be owned by the foreign affiliate.

For Bank Loan

Loan must be taken on the commercial entity that supports Canadian exports or Canadian foreign investments.

For Sovereign Government

Loans must be made to a government in an emerging market and should be done in favour of Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a type of insurance specially designed to protect businesses against political risks that they face while trading in foreign markets.

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You generally require a complete unconditional guarantee from the Ministry of Finance of that country.

We can still provide political risk insurance provided the credit-risk is comfortable and there is central government support.

You receive up to 90% of the incurred losses.

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