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Ai Insurance Organization

Meet Jamie Penney, Ai Insurance Organization’s newest Franchisee

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Ai Insurance Organization Inc., an award-winning Mississauga, Ontario-based commercial insurance, and surety bonding brokerage, has partnered with Jamie Penney to launch the Lambton Division.

Operating from Lambton County, and servicing Southwestern Ontario, Jamie Penney is a motivated, high-performance personal and commercial insurance professional who is passionate about promoting lasting customer satisfaction.

Jamie has been involved in his family’s insurance business for over a decade. He is passionate about his work and loves being able to help his clients grow their businesses. Jamie continues to learn and expand his knowledge to improve and expand his skills so that he can continue providing the best possible service to his clients. Jamie can be reached at, or by calling him directly at 519-639-4168

Jamie Penney and the new Ai Lambton franchise join insurance professionals and fellow Franchisees Brad Beer, Royston Fernandes and Chris Tower who operate the Ai London Division.

The franchise model gives opportunities that larger brokerages simply do not offer and provides motivated individuals who want independence to run their own brokerage, but who require mentoring and operational support, an opportunity to realize their full potential.

“Our goal is to further expand and double our franchises by the end of the year,” says Director of Franchises, Mergers and Acquisitions, Andy Friyia.

Randy Carroll, Ai Insurance Organization’s CEO adds “our organization continues to experience significant growth. We regularly engage with our stakeholders and insurers and develop new outbound marketing campaigns specifically related to their risk appetites and our expertise.”

“Our marketing team assists with landing pages, outbound marketing campaigns, social media and branding support and uses an abundance of data to make better business decisions, improve targeting, and track user behaviour across all properties” says Director of Marketing, Chris Mustakas. “Jamie Penney and other Franchisee also get timely and personalized support when they need it from a customer support team that knows the industry.”

To learn more about Ai Insurance Organization’s franchise opportunities, please visit the Franchise page or call Andy Friyia directly at 1-519-854-5330

Contact Info:

Name: Andy Friyia
Organization: Ai Insurance Organization Inc.
Address: 6601 Goreway Drive, Unit A, Mississauga, Ontario L4V1V6, Canada
Phone: +1-519-854-5330

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