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CBI Health Staff have access to exclusive group insurance rates from Economical Insurance for home, car, condo, cottage, motorcycle and tenant insurance. Scroll down and click on the ‘Call for quote’ button to speak with someone about discounted rates!

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Home Insurance

Protect your home and your belongings from fire, weather, water or theft, plus additional living expenses during claims-related repairs or rebuilds. We also include personal liability insurance with your policy.

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Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance coverage protects you from financial loss in the event of an accident or theft, plus liability, accident benefits, direct compensation benefits and uninsured motorists.

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Condominium Insurance

Affordable condo insurance protects you against liability claims in the event of injury or property damage you are found responsible for. Our condo insurance covers what’s inside your walls.

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Cottage Insurance

Whether it’s a cottage on a lake or a trailer in a park, our cottage insurance protects your home away from home with a comprehensive insurance program for second residences.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Our comprehensive motorcycle insurance protects you and your bike against unexpected loss and damages that could occur in the event of an accident, theft, vandalism, and more. Neil has ridden bikes for over 15 years and knows the ins and outs of insurance.

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Tenant Insurance

If you have a lot of stuff, our tenant insurance is Ideal for renters and students, for when stuff happens. It protects your belongings from fire, weather, water or theft when you rent. We offer everything your landlord requires including personal liability and additional living expenses.

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Walnut Digital Insurance

Walnut is a Canadian insurtech offering personal identity theft (CyberScout), password protection (Dashlane), and 24/7 legal advice (My Friendly Lawyer) in one convenient and affordable $10/month package. Walnut also offers term life insurance too.

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Life Insurance

Get a personalized Term Life Insurance Quote and apply online through Walnut and RBC by answering a few simple questions. Term Life Insurance provides financial security to help protect your family and your future. Click here to get a no-obligation insurance quote.

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Petsecure is Canada’s leading pet insurance provider offering protection for dental, alternative therapies, surgeries, medications, preventative care, and more. Give your pet broad coverage at a discounted price through this link.

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Home Deposits Now

Home Deposits Now is a deposit bond, which is a form of an insurance guarantee in lieu of a cash deposit on purchasing a home. It defers the need to use your cash up front, saving the hassle of loan applications, awkward family conversations, or credit card debt.

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