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Personal Insurance

Home, Auto and Life Insurance

Our insurance experts will ensure you understand your options and find you the right home, automotive and life insurance coverages. Because life is not one-size-fits-all!

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Personal Insurance

Ai Insurance Organization’s personal insurance experts can answer any questions you may have about home insurance, car insurance, tenant insurance, landlord insurance, cottage insurance, and life insurance. As insurance brokers we work with many of the top personal insurance companies to provide you with choice to pick the insurance coverage that’s best aligned to your needs and circumstances. Friendly advice is just a call or email away.

Call 1-877-213-4545 and ask for Leesa Kelly.

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is an insurance policy that covers your home, most of its contents, and personal liability if someone is ever injured in your home. Home insurance typically refers to Homeowners insurance as well as Condo and Tenant Insurance

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Tenant's Insurance

If your renter and have valuable contents like clothes, furniture, electronic, jewelry etc., you will want to insure the value of those items even though you don’t own the building you are living in. This is referred to as Renters Insurance or Tenant Insurance.

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Auto Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory and its important to ensure you are properly covered before getting behind the wheel. Our experts can walk you through all options including deductibles, coverage amounts, personal and business-related driving. Talk to Leesa!

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Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance

We work with major insurance companies to offer term life insurance, universal life insurance, guaranteed issues life insurance, simplified, and whole-life. We’ll help you pick the best policy based on your age, health history or financial goals.

Get Certain
With Leesa Kelly

For thirteen years, my approach to insurance has always been about building trusted relationships. I enjoy catering to the needs of families and individuals of all shapes, types, and sizes.

As an insurance broker I take the responsibility of working for my clients to heart. With access to more specialty personal insurance providers than most standard insurance brokers, I’ve found more success helping clients with harder-to-place insurance needs by asking the right questions to find the right coverage from the right insurance company.

My specialty is Personal Insurance and includes Homeowners, Tenants, Automotive, Life Insurance and specialty property.

I will ensure you know all the ins and outs of your specific coverage so there’s no guessing. But if you have new questions, or just need advice, my team and I are only a phone call or email away and will be there for you when you need us.

Get Certain on Your Phone

From your award-winning brokerage comes the Get Certain app – a convenient and easy way to stay up-to-date with all of your insurance needs so you’re never caught off guard.

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Air Miles® Reward Program FAQ

Your Mortgage Lender will require that you always maintain a proper level of Insurance coverage on your home, as they have a financial interest in your home, as the Mortgagor.

Additionally, without insurance, your most valuable asset would not be protected from physical or financial loss. The cost of insuring your home is relatively low when compared to the risk of your home , its contents, and the liability you may face in the event of someone suing you as the homeowner.

Ai Insurance Organization has been protecting Canadians and their Businesses, Homes and Valuables for many years. We do the shopping for you and make sure that you’re properly covered and for a reasonable and competitive price.

Our professional services won’t cost you any more, than you shopping on-line, but we believe strongly that we are much better at making sure you have the right coverage for the right job. We are not owned by any Insurance Companies, so we are not influenced to sell you a product unless it’s in your best interest.

In most cases, it makes sense to have your Home and Auto Insurance from the same Insurance provider, as the Insurer will offer a discount for insuring both policies instead of only one.

In addition, there are many other discounts that we will offer you if you qualify such as claims-free discounts, monitored security on your home, mortgage-free discounts, and non-smoker discounts to name a few. 

In a few short minutes, we will ask you the right questions which will allow us to shop for the very best rates. Contact us now to see how easy it is.

If your renter and have valuable contents like clothes, furniture, electronic, jewelry etc., you will want to insure the value of those items even though you don’t own the building you are living in. This is referred to as Renters Insurance or Tenant Insurance.

However, if you own the Condo you live in, then you will need a different policy. Condo Corporations insurance policy would typically cover the structure and exterior of the building, however, all the betterments and improvements, such as tile work, or carpeting, walls, kitchen cabinets are not covered by the Condo Corporation. In the event of a water damage or fire claim, you would not be covered unless you had your own Condo Insurance Policy.

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