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Ai Insurance Organization

Manufacturing Insurance

Ai Insurance Organization works with some of the best insurance providers for manufacturers of all shapes and sizes to provide coverage for a number of eventualities related to the manufacturing industry

An Award-Winning 
Insurance Brokerage

AI Insurance offers a one stop shop for your Manufacturing and Production insurance needs.

By partnering with our insuring partners we can tailor a specific manufacturing insurance program for most manufacturing sectors.

Our in-house Manufacturing Insurance experts and support staff are quick to respond to service requests, and our our in-house Surety department can assist you in supply bonds, bid bonds and performance bonds too!

With local claims service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we’ll be right there when you need us the most. Your claim will be dealt with quickly and with as little disruption to your business as possible. This will let you focus on what matters the most – your product and your customers.


Direct manufacturing Industry Experience

Insurance experts with real industry experience and knowledge of manufacturing process, and how to navigate around, and mitigate your risk.


Supply Chain Knowledge

From raw materials to manufacturing and logistics, you get timely and personalized support when you need it from a team that knows your industry!


Knowledge of
Manufacturing Processess

Edwin, Nathian and Zach understand the importance of manufacturing companies on the Canadian economy, and are committed to ensuring your risks are sufficiently covered so there are no slowdowns.


Insurance Market Access

We have access to over 50 insurance carriers and specialty insurers.

Insurance For Manufacturers

In this ever-changing environment, your risk management, specialized regulations, and insurance needs require expert knowledge and flexibility. Ai Insurance Organization works with a wide range of Canadian manufacturers, regardless of their specific industry.

From metal fabrication to electrical equipment and wiring, automotive parts to wood products and furniture, food and beverage to medical supplies, the Canadian manufacturing industry is one of the most closely supervised and controlled in Canada. Here’s just a few of the manufacturing sectors we currently service:

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Textiles and Clothing

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Food and Beverage

pointing sketch

Water Treatment

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Electrical Equipment

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Wood Products

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Meat Processing

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Metal Fabrication

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Medical Supplies

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Beauty Products

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Automotive Parts

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Printing and Paper

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Chemical Production

What Does Manufacturing Insurance Cover

Ai Insurance Organization has partnered with the leading insurance providers to offer Canadian manufacturers like you customized coverages and choice. We help manufacturers navigate the ever-changing industry so you can select the right coverages for your business, such as:

Risk Management

By reviewing your business and operations, Nathian, Edwin, Zach and their teams work with you to help reduce your overall business risk. Your business can take advantage of a number of programs including:


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