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The Surety Bond Expert Dustin SanVido

Dustin SanVido and the team at Ai Insurance Organization specialize in Surety Bonding and Bonding is all we do! We are experts in Performance Bonds, Bid Bonds, Labour and Material Bonds, Construction Bonds and other Bonds.

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Ai Surety Bonding prides itself in being the leading broker of surety bonds in Canada. We are the Surety Bonding Experts – servicing Canada, the USA and abroad. As a proud member of the Surety Association of Canada, we go above and beyond our clients’ expectations by partnering with the best surety companies in the industry.

We operate in an industry that depends on trust, honesty and integrity – Ai Surety Bonding conducts business based on those fundamental principles. We are dedicated to holding ourselves to the highest standards of service because we value mutual growth and success leading to long-term and long-lasting business relationships.

Dusty Gets You Bonding Now

Dustin SanVido has worked in the Surety bonding industry for 8 years, gaining experience in the Construction, Commercial, and Fiduciary lines of bonding risk. As a seasoned bonding specialist and Ai Insurance Organization’s Sr. Broker, he is passionate about advancing his clients knowledge and experience in surety, and assisting in growing their revenues to new heights. Dustin’s bonding knowledge is second to none and Dusty gets you bonding now with performance, construction, bid, labour and material, developer and other bonds.

Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds are a legal agreement in which the surety guarantees that a contractor or principal will perform the obligations according to the established plans and specifications of the contract.

Developer Surety

Homebuilders and Developers require a guarantee before a project commences. A surety bond, presented as a form of security helps a developer to utilize cash available to them in supporting the construction process.

Bid Bonds

Bid Bonds are issued within the framework of a bidding process to serve as a guarantee to a project owner that a contractor’s winning bid will satisfy the terms of a tendered contract.

Construction Bonds

A Construction Bond is a 3 party agreement in which the bonding company (surety) guarantees that a contractor will perform obligations according to the established plans and specifications of a contract.

Labour and Material Bonds

Labour and Material Bonds, also known as payment bonds, guarantee that the company will pay its direct subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and laborers for materials and services provided under the bonded contract.

Other Bonds

Ai Surety Bonding also specializes in customs and excise bonds, carnet bonds, lost document bonds, estate bonds, administration bonds, guardianship bonds, international bonding and other types of commercial surety.

Get Certain
With Dustin SanVido

Dustin SanVido focuses on consistency of client service, and provides expert guidance with years of industry experience. He services new start-up companies, established businesses, and Fortune 500 firms and serves a diverse and wide range of clients including construction companies and contractors of all types; transportation companies; financial institutions; and unique businesses with hard-to-place surety bonding needs.

Dustin has dedicated his career to helping Contractors from all walks of life with achieving and reaching their bonding needs. As a true specialized professional Dustin has the network and experience to exceed your expectations and deliver the needed result.

Dustin is licensed as a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker in Canada (CAIB) and is also certified in Ontario by the RIBO Association. Dustin is currently finalizing his Associateship in Canadian Surety bonding from the Surety Association of Canada.