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Empower Your Team with Tailored Group Benefits

At Get Group Benefits, a division of Ai Insurance Organization, we specialize in crafting comprehensive insurance solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses across Canada. Our mission is to ensure that every company, regardless of its size, has access to affordable and effective group benefits.

Our team of seasoned experts understands the diverse needs of Canadian businesses. From small startups to large corporations, we offer a wide spectrum of group benefit plans

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Our Benefits Program was created to offer additional value to our Small Medium Enterprise (SME) clients.  We feel that SME’s do not receive the same level of attention and care that larger businesses are often given. With our program, SMEs can expect to receive discounts normally only offered to some of the largest businesses in Canada.

We take exceptional client service to heart!

Our Program

  • Our clients will have an advantage when looking at benefit plans on a bulk basis. Pooling of plan expenses is the result and will aid in holding future costs by having more money available to pay claims.
  • Many of our clients wear different hats and look for advice on finances, bookkeeping, HR and benefits and having these all together will be beneficial to overall business success.
  • Our plans can be tailored to match existing benefit plans.  They can also receive suggestions on suggested changes.  Lower costs can be made in almost all cases due to Unistar’s unique products and lower expenses of operation.

Program Benefits

  • Lower costs and ease of administration.
  • All materials including drug cards will be branded 
  • No IBNR’s (Incurred but not reported reserves) a one time “reserve charge” still charged by traditional insurers.
  • All plans renew on one date resulting in lower admin costs by creating one large pool thus creating more money to pay claims.
  • Third Party Administration (TPA) Services resulting in excellent and simple admin service for clients.
  • Modern systems allow for freeing up of administrator’s time for other activities.
  • Seasonal and Contractor coverages are also available if required.

Renewal Examples

  • A client is paying $30,000 a year into health and dental insurance and has claims totaling $24,000.
  • A traditional insurer would have approximately $18,000 in year one to pay claims and $21,000 in year two, meaning a rate increase of over 30% or new premiums of nearly $39,000!
  • Our renewal results in $24,000 to pay claims in year one so premiums remain at $30,000.
  • With more money to pay claims in year one and thereafter our program is superior for both short and long term.

Ask for a Free Consultation

Get Group Benefits will quote your current plan if you have one or suggest a plan design if you don’t, no matter your size. If you have a plan currently, just send us a copy of your last renewal, and employee booklet and we will run a comparison to your current program with a copy to your Advisor.

Want to speak with one of our group benefits insurance experts on a call or in-person?
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Health and Dental Insurance

Empower your team with comprehensive health and dental insurance, ensuring they have access to the best medical care and support. Our plans are designed to promote wellness and peace of mind, making healthcare accessible and affordable.

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Life and Disability Insurance

Secure the future of your employees with our life insurance plans, providing essential financial protection for their loved ones. Our life insurance solutions are tailored to offer comfort and security, ensuring peace of mind in times of need.

Team Life Insurance

Retirement and Pension Plans

Enhance your employees’ financial well-being with our expert financial planning services. We offer personalized strategies to help them achieve their financial goals, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for them and their families.

Group health and dental benefits are employer-provided insurance plans that offer comprehensive medical and dental coverage to a group of employees and their dependents. These benefits typically include doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, preventive care, and dental services. Group plans are cost-effective and enhance employee well-being while attracting and retaining top talent within the organization.

Get Health and Dental Insurance

Offer your employees the gift of good health with our top-tier health and dental insurance packages. Tailored to meet diverse needs, these plans ensure your team has access to premium healthcare services, fostering a healthy work environment and boosting overall job satisfaction.

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Health Insurance

Our health insurance plans are designed to provide your employees with the peace of mind they need to stay focused and efficient.

From basic coverage to extensive care options, we offer a range of plans that can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual in your organization.

Our plans typically include:

  • Coverage for prescription medications to reduce the financial burden of necessary medications.
  • Mental health support including therapy and counseling services
  • Paramedical coverage like physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage services.
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Dental Insurance

Our dental insurance plans are designed to ensure your employees have access to the best dental care without financial worry. From regular check-ups to complex procedures, we’ve got your team covered.

With our dental plans, you can assure your team that their dental health is in good hands, contributing to their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Our dental insurance options may include:

  • Preventative coverage for routine dental check-ups, cleanings, and x-rays to maintain oral health.
  • Basic dental procedures like fillings, extractions and other treatments to keep your employees’ smiles healthy.
  • Major dental coverage like crowns, bridges, dentures or orthodontics.


Get Life Insurance

Provide your employees with the assurance of stability through our comprehensive life insurance options. Our policies are crafted to deliver financial security to their families, reflecting your organization’s commitment to employee welfare beyond the workplace.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies such as heart attack, cancer or stroke.

Critical Illness Insurance pays out cash to help cover the costs when traditional health insurance falls short.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is a form of income protection that insures a portion of the beneficiary’s income if they become disabled and are unable to earn an income.

A serious illness, injury and health issue could may all be considered disabilities.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is a type of life insurance policy that a business purchases to protect itself from financial losses that may occur due to the death or disability of a key employee or key person within the organization.
The key person is typically someone whose expertise, knowledge, skills, or leadership are essential to the success and stability of the business.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance pays a death benefit if the insured person passes away within a specific period of time, or before they reach a certain age (the term). Once the term ends, the coverage ends.

Term Life Insurance provides temporary, renewable and flexible protection from the financial impact of the insured person’s death.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance is a permanent life insurance that combines life insurance with an investment account. Your policy earns interest and your premiums and death benefit can be adjusted over time.

You may be permitted to withdraw and take loans from your account since it has a cash value.

Guaranteed Issues Life Insurance

Guaranteed Issues Life Insurance is typically for someone with existing medical conditions. It does not require a health questionnaire or medical exam but there is typically a two-to-three year waiting period for benefits to kick in.

Simplified Insurance

Simplified Life Insurance is a type of non-medical life insurance product that does not require a medical exam but may still have a health history and questionnaire form to fill out. Ai Life’s Life Insurance experts can provide more information.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance provides coverage for the insured person’s entire life. Premiums do not change as the insured gets older, and their policy will often have a guaranteed minimum cash value. Over time, the insurance policy grows in cash value and the insured can get the cash value back (minus the insurance premiums) if they ever cancel their policy.

Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover the costs associated with a person’s funeral, burial, and other end-of-life expenses. The primary purpose of final expense insurance is to ease the financial burden on the deceased’s family or beneficiaries and ensure that there are sufficient funds available to cover funeral and related expenses.

Get Financial Certainty

Empower your employees to build a secure financial future with our bespoke financial planning services. We specialize in creating tailored financial strategies that align with individual goals, ensuring long-term financial health and security for your team.


Annuities are a form of financial product that pay a the insured/investor a fixed stream, or annual sum of money


GICs, or guaranteed investment certificates are guaranteed investment certificates. GICs offer a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed period of time.


RRSPs, or registered retirement savings plans, are a form of financial product in Canada for holding savings and investment assets.


RESPs, or registered education savings plans, are a form of financial product available to caregivers to save for their children’s post-secondary education.

Estate Planning

Estate planning insurance services offer comprehensive solutions to protect and preserve one’s assets and legacy.

Tax Strategies

Tax strategies insurance services provide specialized expertise in developing effective strategies to minimize tax liabilities for individuals and businesses.

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